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Nearly every childhood is filled with fond memories of playing on a swing set. Thanks to Lifetime, your children can enjoy the same type of swing sets you enjoyed as a kid, but with upgraded features that make them more durable and rust resistant than ever. Lifetime swing sets also come with more options than ever before, making them perfect for any backyard. If you are considering a Lifetime swing set, here are a few things you need to know.

What are Lifetime Swing Sets?

Lifetime Products, the company responsible for making Lifetime swing sets, officially launched in 1986. At that time, the company primarily manufactured adjustable-height basketball hoops. They later delved into the swing set and playground equipment market, with the idea that their products would last for a lifetime.

Based in Utah, the company prides itself on remaining on the cutting-edge of product development and creating high quality equipment that kids and parents alike will enjoy.

In addition to Lifetime swing sets, they also offer other types of playground equipment such as dome climbers, teeter totters, slides, and other accessories.

With the large assortment of outdoor play equipment Lifetime has to offer, you can create your own playground in your own backyard!

LIFETIME Double Slide Deluxe Metal Swing Set

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Why Purchase a Lifetime Swing Set?

With childhood obesity on the rise, it’s more important than ever that kids get plenty of exercise. Playing outdoors can also prevent children from getting too much screen time. Many parents are looking for ways to keep their kids active, yet do not have time to take them to a park. A Lifetime swing set provides ample opportunity for play right in your own backyard.

Although they are made from metal, Lifetime swing sets are more durable than the steel or aluminum swing sets that were available only a few short years ago. Made from powder coated steel, the frame resists rust and corrosion, while standing up to many years of practical use.

A Lifetime swing set is one of the most affordable options when it comes to outdoor play equipment for home use. One swing set will easily last between ten and 20 years, meaning that you might also be able to use it for your grandchildren.

With Lifetime outdoor play equipment, you do not have to worry about packing the kids up and taking them to the park. Instead, your children can enjoy active, outdoor play anytime, right in the safety and comfort of your own backyard.


Advantages of Lifetime Swing Sets 

A Lifetime swing set comes with many advantages, including:

  • Being easy to assemble. Only a few basic tools such as a wrench are required.
  • Assembly assistance. The company provides assistance with assembly via a toll-free number.
  • A comprehensive warranty which covers most parts.
  • Being available in many color and style choices.
  • An attractive, stylish design that mimics that of commercial playgrounds.
  • Requiring very little maintenance. Lifetime swing sets never need painted or stained.
  • Low maintenance. Swings, slides, and other components are designed to be very long-lasting, and to resist the fading that comes with repeated UV sun exposure.

When you have your own Lifetime swing set, you will never have to worry about getting your children outdoors to play. You can also feel comfortable allowing kids to play on Lifetime swing sets because they are manufactured to the highest safety standards.

LIFETIME A-Frame Metal Swing Set

Lifetime Swing Sets vs. Wooden Play Sets?

Parents often struggle with the idea of assembling a complicated wooden playset. Others are looking for a more affordable solution than what a wooden swing set would bring. Lifetime playsets are the perfect balance, being simple to assemble and easy on the wallet.

Lifetime swing sets are also more portable than their wooden counterparts. Should you ever decide to move, you’ll find it easy to disassemble your Lifetime swing set so that you can take it with you. That’s not necessarily the case with a wooden swing set, which can be difficult to transport.

Many people think of metal swing sets as being boring or unattractive. When it comes to Lifetime swing sets, that is simply not the case. Lifetime products have an aesthetically-pleasing design that attests to their high quality. When you purchase a Lifetime swing set for your own back yard, you will not be disappointed.


Which Lifetime Swing Sets are Best for Me?

When choosing a Lifetime swing set, think about your budget and how the equipment will be used. You might also wish to look at other Lifetime products. That way, you can determine whether or not to include another product such as a dome climber or teeter totter. If so, you will want to find a Lifetime swing set that matches this other equipment.

Consider the amount of space you have in your backyard as well as the number of children that will be using the swing set. Naturally, your budget will play a role as well. Fortunately, Lifetime swing sets come in a number of price ranges, one of which will likely be right for you.

LIFETIME Swing Set Favorites

Lifetime Swing Sets: A Great Value for the Money

If you are looking for a durable, rugged swing set that is also reasonably priced, you can’t go wrong with Lifetime. A Lifetime swing set will provide your children with hours of fun, while also standing up to plenty of rugged use. With so many features available, it’s easy to choose a swing set that is just right for your family.



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