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Looking for the right industrial grade inflatable to add to your rental inventory? Consider adding a commercial bounce house to it. It can be difficult to know just what to buy since there are a lot of different bounce houses out there, but The Outdoor Play Store's wide variety means we've probably got exactly what you're looking for.

What is a Commercial Bounce House ?

So, what exactly is a commercial bounce house, and why should you get one?

Commercial bounce houses are large industrial-grade bounce houses and commercial inflatable water slides on which children & adults can play. They provide hours of entertainment and are perfect for birthday parties, summer shindigs, community gatherings, and more. 

These bounce houses come in various shapes, sizes, and themes. Since they are made for prolonged usage, the quality of materials used is heavy duty. This is what sets them apart from residential bounce houses. They can hold more children at once, too, which is what makes them perfect for large events.

Oh, and note that these commercial bounce houses come with more advanced accessories such as repair kits, industrial-grade anchors/stakes, and blowers than their residential counterparts.

They are designed and manufactured specifically for commercial purposes and are very popular with inflatable rental businesses.

commercial bounce house with slide combo

Commercial Bounce Houses - Different Than Residential Inflatables

Price & Size

The most obvious difference between the two types of bounce houses is the price. Many residential bounce houses cost under $600, whereas commercial bounce houses cost more, ranging upwards of $1,500.

Commercial bounce houses are also larger, designed for heavy use, and constructed with industrial-grade materials, standards, and specifications - all of which come at a premium. 


Warranty period is another difference. Residential bouncers have shorter warranties (30-90 days), whereas commercial bounce house manufacturers typically offer one-year warranties.


Commercial bounce houses are crafted from thick, rip-stop vinyl. This material comes in the form of ultra durable 1000 x 1000 denier mesh fabric and includes a PVC coating.

Commercial bounce houses also include finger proof netting, and there are doubled layers of fabric in the most high-stress areas. Also, water based units typically come with U-shaped liners that help to prevent leaks from happening.

commercial bounce house build quality

Residential bounce houses tend to have slightly different materials and designs. Although they're made out of laminated vinyl and nylon, residential units are not meant to withstand constant punishment and excessive weight like their commercial counterparts.

Blowers & Accessories

There are also differences to the air blowers and some of the other accessories. For example, if you are getting a residential bounce house, you can expect to receive a blower with a lower wattage and pressure than what you will get on a commercial bounce house.

Commercial bounce houses come with commercial grade bounce house blowers. These hefty blowers have a higher wattage and put out a lot more pressure. Naturally, they have to in order to keep massive commercial bouncers fully inflated.

You will also notice differences between the repair kits and stakes included with a commercial bounce house vs. a residential unit. 

A lot of residential bounce houses will come with plastic anchor stakes and flimsy little repair kits that won't really get the job done. The commercial repair and patch kits, however, are well-stocked with high-quality vinyl material and glue needed for doing heavy-duty patchwork.

Metal anchor stakes are also important to have, as opposed to plastic ones. The plastic ones can sometimes break, and you would have to spend extra money on replacing them. Metal anchors are a lot more durable and will last you longer. That's why all of our commercial bounce houses come with strong, metal stakes since they have been proven to work well for a long time.

Commercial Bounce House Types

There are various types of commercial bounce houses available. Determining which one is right for you really depends on you or your businesses needs. In general commercial bounce houses can be lumped into one of the following categories: commercial bounce house, commercial bounce house with slide, commercial inflatable water slide. Below we'll take a look at several options.

Commercial Bounce House Favorites

Commercial Bounce House Packages

If you're seriously considering starting an inflatable rental business, you may want to consider investing in our Commercial Bounce House Starter Package.

This package includes it all: a commercial bounce house, a bounce house with slide combo, and inflatable water slide, blowers, stakes, carry bags, and more!

As an added bonus, we offer financing to help with the initial investment, so you can focus on growing your business! 

commercial bounce house package

Who Are Commercial Bounce Houses Ideal For ?

The most important thing to consider when investing your business's money in a commercial bounce house is who will be renting it. A commercial bounce house is an ideal rental for those who have large groups of older children who will be playing on them. Commercial bounce houses can hold upwards of 600-700 lbs so it is ideal for larger parties.

Are you just starting your own rental business? If so, consider purchasing non-gendered bounce houses to start with, or perhaps a fun house bouncer. These bouncers appeal to wider audiences.

Of course, if you're looking to buy a bounce house for a non-rental business or event, consider buying something that is themed to fit your event. For example, if your event is for a church event in the middle of July, consider getting a commercial inflatable water slide like the 14'H Rainbow Commercial Inflatable Slide Wet n Dry. It's on the smaller side, which makes it ideal for younger users. A bigger slide would be a better fit for older children.

Commercial Bounce Houses - A Great Investment for Businesses

When it comes to commercial bounce houses and commercial inflatable water slides, The Outdoor Play Store has got you covered with the best brands at low prices. Be sure to check out our complete offering below, and feel free to get in touch, our staff is more than eager to help!

If you're considering a residential and commercial inflatable, be sure to check out our complete selection of bounce houses for sale here.