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Residential Bounce Houses For Kids - Inflatable Outdoor Bouncers

At one time, you had to rent an inflatable if you were to enjoy one at home. These days, residential bounce houses are readily available from The Outdoor Play Store. What is a residential bounce house and why should you consider an inflatable bouncer? We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What is a Residential Bounce House ?

A residential bounce house is one that is intended for household use. It is a bounce house for kids, and typically reserved for outdoor use, although several smaller inflatable bouncers can be used indoors.

In essence, it is a scaled-down version of a commercial inflatable, making it very affordable for most families. 

Residential bounce houses are set up in the same way as their commercial counterparts, by using an included air blower and tie-down stakes, but take less time to setup and take down due to their smaller size.

As such, they offer all the convenience and safety features you would expect when renting a commercial bounce house, at a fraction of the cost.

    Residential vs. Commercial Bounce Houses

    The biggest difference between a commercial and residential inflatable is size.

    Commercial bounce houses are built for prolonged used, and can accommodate more children at a given point in time than a residential inflatable.

    Accordingly, they often have a weight capacity of between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds. This makes them ideal for rental use, large birthday parties, church festivals, and other events where there are bound to be lots of children.

    Residential inflatables are designed to hold between 300 and 600 pounds. That’s enough to hold anywhere from three to six children, provided each one weighs no more than 100 pounds.

    The fact that a residential bounce house is smaller means it will also be easier to transport and store, should you ever decide to. You also do not need a great deal of space as these inflatable bouncers can easily fit in even a very small backyard.


    Benefits of a Residential Bounce House

    When renting an inflatable, there are always time constraints to consider. You must allot time to pick up the bounce house for kids, set it up, and then return it to the store. These things are not an issue when you own residential inflatables. After a one-time setup, you are free to enjoy the inflatable bouncer at your leisure.

    Having your own residential bounce house makes it more likely your kids will remain active. They’ll enjoy spending time outdoors, and may even do so without your prompting. And if they ever decide to have an impromptu gathering of their friends, you will already be ready for them.

    A residential bounce house with water slide makes it easy to cool off on hot summer days. An inflatable water park also costs less to operate than a swimming pool would.

    An inflatable in your own backyard provides you with greater privacy as your children can enjoy jumping whenever they would like. You will not have to worry about taking them to a public event or visiting a commercial trampoline park to get them to exercise.

    residential bounce house with basketball hoop

    Residential Bounce House Specs and Features

    With a residential bounce house, you can enjoy all the same features you would have when renting a commercial inflatable. A few of the features that may be included on residential bounce houses include:

    • Slides
    • Ball pits
    • Soccer goals
    • Basketball hoops
    • Water features
    • Obstacle courses
    • Interactive games

    Additionally, manufacturers consider safety just as much a priority for residential bounce houses as for commercial ones.

    You’ll find that residential inflatables meet the requirements set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Made from durable material, they contain securely-stitched seams and are also fire and puncture resistant.


    Best Residential Bounce Houses for Home Use

    We have a large selection of residential bounce houses for sale here at The Outdoor Play Store. With so many options it's easy to get overwhelmed, so we've picked a few of our favorites to share with you below.

    Inflatable Bouncer Favorites

    Bounceland Pop Star Bounce House

    The Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House by Bounceland will bring out your child’s inner rock star.

    With a 10.5’ x 8’ bouncing area, there’s plenty of room for a party.

    The oversized slide and basketball hoop are bound to keep everyone entertained as well. 

    residential bounce house called the pop star from bounceland fun

    Choosing Residential Inflatables

    With so many inflatable bouncers to choose from, how do you choose the right residential bounce house for you?

    Start by finding a design that appeals to your kids. With sports themes, castle designs and more, there is bound to be one that catches your children’s attention.

    Think about who will be using the inflatable so that you can select the right size. Take into account friends, neighbors, and any other kids who might drop by on occasion and wish to jump.

    With a residential bounce house, the size of your backyard will likely not be an issue. A residential inflatable is a little bounce house when compared its commercial counterpart, and can easily fit in smaller spaces, making them ideal if you have limited room in which to place one.

    The amount of shade your yard has may also affect your decision. If you must place your inflatable in direct sun, consider one that has a tunnel design or a removable sun canopy.

    Residential Bounce Houses - A Great Investment

    Children always look forward to jumping in a bouncy house. When you purchase a residential bounce house, you can spur that enthusiasm all the time.

    Help your kids remain active by choosing high quality residential bounce houses from The Outdoor Play Store. Browse our entire selection below!

    For our complete view, inclusive or commercial inflatables, be sure to check out our complete selection of bounce houses for sale.