Kidwise Bounce Houses

Kidwise Outdoors - Residential Bounce Houses and Inflatable Slides

The Kidwise brand is all about fun with their goal being to provide “everything a kid wants” for outdoor excitement. While the brand’s focus is mainly on Kidwise Bounce Houses, Kidwise outdoors also provides numerous other products for year-round fun, including swing sets, slides, bikes, trampolines and more.

Kidwise - The Right Choice for Outdoor Fun

Kidwise bounce houses and other outdoor play items are known around the world for their quality construction, attention to detail, bright colors and eye-catching designs that draw in children of all ages.

Kidwise bounce house inflatables are incredibly durable and come with guarantees that they will be free from manufacturer defects.

In addition, all Kidwise bounce houses come with a minimum of a 30-day warranty on the inflatable portion and a 1-year warranty on the blower.

Certain products, such as items made from lumber, come with even longer warranties.

    kidwise bounce house clubhouse climber

    kidwise endless fun 11 in 1 inflatable slide

    What Does Kidwise Offer?

    While Kidwise bounce houses are certainly the most well-known products from this kid-centric brand, Kidwise also makes the following outdoor products:

    • Water slides
    • Swing sets
    • Trampolines
    • Bikes and trikes
    • Wagons
    • Yard games
    • Playhouses
    • Moonwalks

    Kidwise bounce houses and other products are appropriate for residential use and can be used in backyards, at daycares, in local parks, for birthday celebrations and much more.


    Kidwise Bounce Houses: Why Kids Love Them

    Those who choose a Kidwise bounce house for their home, commercial space or event can know that they are choosing the best there possibly is in outdoor fun and children’s entertainment.

    Kidwise bounce houses are not just for early elementary children. Instead, their unique designs encompass the interests of children of all ages up to 12 years old.

    Many of the inflatables come with extra fun and games inside them, designed to help children burn off their energy, play together and create exciting memories.

    Some of the extra activities found on certain Kidwise bounce houses include the following: Double Shot Bouncer, Jump’n Dodgeball, and Lucky Rainbow Bouncer.

    Besides these features that kids love, parents and adults can feel confident in the safety of every Kidwise bounce house.

    Each bounce house meets CPSC and ASTM guidelines, and all are tested for lead and phthalates during production so that children are never exposed to unsafe substances.

      kidwise jump'n dodgeball bounce house

      Kidwise Bounce House Features

      With so many Kidwise bounce houses from which to choose, it can be hard to decide on the best house for one’s needs. However, a quick look at the top Kidwise bounce house features will show shoppers the difference between Kidwise bounce houses and competitor’s inflatables.

      • Ball pits - Built in ball pits in some Kidwise bounce houses allow children to jump into the fun and be caught in a sea of excitement. Balls can be purchased separately for easy replacement when needed.
      • Bouncer games - Additional bouncer games give children even more to do once they climb into certain Kidwise bounce houses.
      • Climbing Areas - The most adventurous children will love climbing areas and catwalks in the larger inflatables.
      • Sports inflatables - Sports enthusiasts can kick goals or make baskets in sports-themed inflatables.
      • Built in slides - Built in slides in some inflatables get kids down to the lower level or provide a quick and easy exit from the Kidwise bounce house.
      • Themed inflatables - With Kidwise bounce houses designed for nearly every kid’s age and interest, shoppers can find bouncy houses that look like castles, tigers, rockets and more. Kidwise bounce houses are appropriate for nearly any use, including local fairs, church events, birthday parties and backyard fun. 
      • Multi user capacity - A Kidwise bounce house offers the most fun when it can be used with a group. Depending on the size of the house, many can hold from three to eight children at once.
      • Commercial grade PVC - Commercial Kidwise bounce houses are made with commercial-grade 18-ounce PVC Tarpaulin to resist tears. Each Kidwise bounce house also features coated material that is double-stitched with reinforced seams. All are fire and puncture-resistant.
      • Instructions and accessories - Kidwise bounce houses come with easy setup instructions, carrying bags, stakes, and blowers for easy inflation.

      Kidwise Bounce Houses - Choosing the Right One

      Choosing the right Kidwise bounce house for one’s needs is as simple as considering where the house will be used, how many people will be using it at a time, what ages the children will be and what additional features children will enjoy.

      Things to Consider

      Tips for Using a Kidwise Bounce House

      Shoppers should be sure that they have the correct amount of space to set up the Kidwise bounce house and that they follow any specific rules that their city or municipality has for commercial play sets.

      Users will also probably want an extra person on hand to help stake the house into the ground and to inflate the set. Finally, Kidwise bounce houses should be inflated on smooth, level ground that is free from rocks that could puncture the inflatable.

      Kidwise Bounce Houses are an Investment in Fun

      Purchasing a Kidwise bounce house is a great investment because each inflatable can be used for years.

      Created with the highest-quality materials and designed with safety and fun in mind, each castle, house, water slide or other inflatable will bring smiles and laughter to children of all ages.