commercial water slides guide

Commercial water slides are a great way to add another stream of income to your bounce house business. Having a more diverse inventory can also help differentiate your rental company from the competition.

In this guide, we will go over some considerations when you are looking to purchase commercial water slides.

Rental Potential

Generally speaking, inflatables with slides can command higher rental prices than a standalone bounce house. While they are not as popular for parties, it is a piece of inventory that can add extra income for certain jobs.

We checked around several markets in the United States (San Diego, Metro New York, Indianapolis) and found that prices generally held steady for rentals.

Most standalone bounce houses ranged from $85 to $200 to rent. Commercial water slides commanded much higher prices - ranging from $250 to $799. This was generally dependent on the size of the unit.

If you are doing larger events such as block parties, this kind of inventory can come in handy.

Inventory Cost

A commercial water slide unit will cost a little more up front compared to a standalone bounce house unit, but the increased earning potential makes it worth it.

We carry inventory from almost every single manufacturer - here is a brief rundown of several units to give you an idea of cost (they are wet or dry):

13' Palm Tree Wet/Dry Unit - $2,199

commercial water slides

17' Inflatable Volcano Slide Wet/Dry - $2,999

commercial grade inflatable slide

20' Rainbow Screamer Inflatable Slide Wet/Dry - $3,699

commercial water slides for sale

Profit Potential

Let's take a look at a few scenarios to give an idea of the profit potential of a commercial water slide unit versus a traditional bounce house.

We will use conservative numbers since each market can vary.

A typical commercial bounce house will cost $1,499 to purchase. Let's say you can expect to book $100 of revenue for each party; it would take a minimum of 15 jobs to break even.

If you purchased the least-expensive water slide unit, which is $1999, you can likely command around $250 per booking. This reduces the number of jobs you need to secure by almost 20 percent. Additionally, once you have paid the unit off, you will be making a higher profit per party.

Expand Your Business

If your bounce house business is growing, then it makes sense to expand your inventory with different items. Commercial water slides are a great idea because they command higher prices and will make your inflatable rental business more attractive to prospective clients.

You can browse our complete inventory here. We offer a price-match guarantee and free shipping on our wide selection of our units.