Commercial Inflatable Water Slides For Sale

Commercial Inflatable Slides - Largest Selection of Blow Up Water Slides

Entertaining children during the summer months requires a bit of creativity. When it's too hot outside for a swing set or trampoline, a commercial inflatable water slide is the perfect solution. An inflatable water slide can be ideal for a number of applications, and you'll find the best selection available at the Outdoor Play Store.

It's important to note, that we will be reviewing commercial grade inflatable water slides on this page. If you are looking for an inflatable water slide for residential use, please check out our residential water slide collection.

What Are Commercial Inflatable Water Slides?

Commercial grade water slides are a form of rugged, durable play equipment that are similar to bounce houses.

These blow up water slides are much larger than residential water slides, and can accommodate more weight and withstand more punishment.

Even so, they are not designed for bouncing. Instead, you add water and allow children to slide down. 

They are extremely popular with inflatable rental companies, and can be commonly spotted at carnivals, fairs, and other events.

A giant commercial inflatable water slide will provide hours of endless fun, and is a must at any occasion where lots of children are present.

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    inflatable water slide - commercial grade tsunami screamer

    Inflatable Water Slide Benefits

    A commercial grade water slide is built to very stringent quality specifications. Accordingly, it will hold up to greater wear and tear than a residential inflatable water park or slide would.

    Commercial inflatable water slides will stand up to repeated use without requiring repairs or compromising safety.

    These blow up water slides are also larger than their residential counterparts. This means you can allow more children to use the slide at the same time. Since a commercial slide is bigger, adults can often use them as well.

    Churches, day care centers, preschools, and other businesses that regularly cater to children could benefit from buying a commercial water slide for sale. In doing so, you can ensure you are always prepared for any fun event you might have planned.

    Perhaps you own an inflatable rental business and are looking to add a few more pieces to your inventory. If so, you'll find a nice selection available from the Outdoor Play Store.


    Inflatable Water Slide Specs & Features

    Our commercial inflatable water slides come in two basic models: single and dual lane.

    Single lane inflatables have only one slide, while dual lanes contain two slides side by side.

    You'll also find a commercial inflatable water slide with pool that allows kids to splash and play whenever they are not actively sliding.

    A commercial grade water slide comes in various sizes, ranging from only 13' high to as tall as 22' high.

    Some can attach to a Slip and Slide in order to extend their sliding surface. Many slides contain a cushioned bottom to ensure a soft landing.

    Anchor stakes, tie-down straps, a patch kit, blower, and storage bag come standard with all commercial inflatable water slides as well.


        single lane versus dual lane inflatable slide

        inflatable water slide quality standards

        Commercial Inflatable Water Slide - Quality Standards

        All of the slides we offer are of the highest quality, and manufactured to very rigid safety standards.

        A few of the safety and quality features found in a commercial grade blow up water slide include:


        • Meeting the standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) when it comes to fire and puncture resistance
        • Durable, puncture-proof liners
        • Heavy duty 15 to 20 ounce vinyl
        • Reinforced seams that are double or quadruple stitched
        • At least a one-year manufacturer's warranty against product defects

          Choosing a Commercial Grade Inflatable Blow Up Slide

          When summer fades and autumn sets in, you'll need to take down and store your water slide. This means you should take into account the amount of storage space you have when choosing a model.

          You should also think about your organization's operating budget. Bigger models will require more air to inflate and larger quantities of water to keep them wet.

          Consider how many children might be using the slide at one time. If there will be several kids, you might want a dual lane inflatable rather than a single lane.

          The age of the children will play a role as well. For example, a shorter slide would be more appropriate for small children, while one of our taller ones will be more attractive to older kids or even teenagers.


          shorter commercial inflatable water slide

          Inflatable Water Slides - Which One is Right for Me ?

          Which commercial grade water slide is right for you? After viewing our large selection, you may have a hard time choosing between the various options. Here are a few recommendations based upon the most common needs our customers have.

          Best Inflatable Water Slides

          Inflatable Water Slide With Space for Art Panel

          If you're looking for a more customizable option, then be sure to check out the Castle Module Inflatable Water Slide.

          This slide can be used both wet and dry, allowing you to utilize it year round!

          It also has a space for an art panel at the base of the slide, allowing you to customize it for any purpose.

          Given this water slide's versatility, it is one of our customer's favorites for rental purposes.

          castle module commercial inflatable water slide for sale

          Inflatable Water Slides Make Events More Fun!

          Be ready to host kids and throw a fun event that everyone will be talking about. Check out our selection of commercial inflatable water slides below so you can choose one that is just right for your occasion.