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Moonwalk USA has been manufacturing commercial bounce houses since 2003.

Since the beginning, the company's focus has been on creating a diverse line-up of colorful, high-quality, and fun-to-use commercial inflatables.

Moonwalk USA inflatables range in size and design. 

Here at The Outdoor Play Store, we carry a wide variety of Moonwalk USA commercial bounce houses from our best selling Rainbow Castle Combo to an All Sports Commercial Bounce House.

We also have water units available, including commercial inflatable water slides, which are perfect for summertime events.

Whatever your rental business needs, there are plenty of commercial bounce houses to choose from.

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Moonwalk USA Inflatables - Ideal For Rental Companies

Moonwalk USA inflatables are, first and foremost, fun for people to use. They are spacious, colorful, and thoughtfully designed with enjoyment in mind. But, what's more, they are designed to be safe and long-lasting making them ideal for commercial use.

Our Moonwalk USA commercial bounce house units come with a one-year warranty that will address any workmanship problems that occur. We understand that you are paying good money to add these units to your rental business, so we want to give you the most bang for your buck.

Speaking of money, Moonwalk USA commercial bounce house units are affordably priced. We have done our best to offer the most budget-friendly, high-quality units online. Rest assured that you will be getting a well-crafted product that is designed to endure a lot of use.

To top it all off, every Moonwalk USA unit ships free within 2-4 business days. The lowest price is guaranteed, and there are payment plans available for anyone who would prefer payments.

We also include free accessories with every unit, such as blowers & stakes, unlike many of our competitors. 


Moonwalk USA Build Quality

Moonwalk USA's emphasis has been on creating high-quality inflatables, using top of the line materials. Each Moonwalk USA inflatable is manufactured to be safe and long lasting, using lead free and fire retardant materials. Every inflatable meets or exceeds the safety standards set forth by CPSIA and ASTM.

Moonwalk USA inflatables have finger-proof netting that prevents users' fingers from getting caught.

All of the materials are double-layered and sewn with extra care in high-stress areas. While many manufacturers use just one layer, Moonwalk USA aims for long-lasting durability and safety.

Additionally, Moonwalk USA's water units come with drain holes, release holes, and a U-Shaped Liner to help prevent mold and mildew build-up. Heat-sealed seams keeps water from clogging up, thereby giving these inflatables more longevity.

You can rest easy knowing that each inflatable unit comes with #207 nylon thread. This stitching is water resistant and heavy duty, preventing tears.

moonwalk usa build quality

Moonwalk USA Inflatable Options

Variety is something we look for in a partner, and Moonwalk USA more than delivers. In fact, you can find a Moonwalk USA commercial bounce house for just about any child-centered occasion. We offer a wide array of themes and styles, including: commercial bounce houses, commercial bounce houses with slides, commercial inflatable slides, and slip n slides. Below we'll highlight some of our favorites.

Moonwalk USA Combo With Slide

Moonwalk USA castle combo units are visually appealing to kids and are popular choices for rental companies, as they offer both the standard bounce house AND also include a slide.

The Rainbow Castle Commercial Bounce House With Slide Combo has a massive slide and is a wet-and-dry unit. 

The bounce house combo spans 28' L x 13' W x 14' H when fully inflated, and can accommodate up to six riders at the same time. The dedicated jumping area is 13' L x 11' W, and includes a basketball hoop and inflatable pop ups for added entertainment.

This combo comes with a 1.5HP blower, anchor stakes, tie-down straps, a patch kit, a carrying bag, and a handy business card holder to help you get your company's name out there.

Of course, there is a one-year warranty on both the unit itself and the blower.

moonwalk usa rainbow castle bounce house with slide combo

moonwalk usa commercial bounce house package

Moonwalk USA Bouncers and Water Units

A sports-centric Moonwalk USA commercial bounce house is easy for children to use and for adults to set up. It inflates in just a matter of minutes. A blower, tie-down straps, and blank business banner all come standard, as does a helpful warning sign for users to read before entering the unit.

We offer a lot of tropical themed water units, such as the 32'L Dual Lane Tropical Slip and Slide with Pool. At 32 feet in length, kids can enjoy a long slide down this fun slip and slide, ending up in a pool of water. A misting unit sprays water out, which can feel great on a hot day.

You can get more than just a Moonwalk USA commercial bounce house. We offer accessories that accentuate our units and offer users even more fun. Take, for example, our boxing gloves. We have both small and large sized boxing gloves in red and blue tones. These are must-have items if you get the Boxing Ring Commercial Bounce House, a popular themed unit.

Speaking of themes, we have units for various occasions. There are birthday-themed units, Halloween-inspired units, and castles designed for both boys and girls to enjoy.

We also offer an Inflated Velcro Wall, which kids and adults love playing on. It is perfect for carnivals, fairs, and other community events where both kids and adults are in attendance. Like all of our units, it is built with quality and fun in mind and is sold with the same one-year warranty that comes with all of our units.


Moonwalk USA Inflatables - Recap

Moonwalk USA takes having fun seriously. Adding any of their commercial bounce houses to your rental business can help you boost your business, as your clients will get to enjoy hopping and sliding around in safe, family-friendly, and durable bounce houses.

Buying a Moonwalk USA product is a solid investment. You will be getting sturdily crafted, flame-resistant and lead-free products that are safe for children to use. And, of course, we have a huge variety of different types of units. Whatever your rental business needs, there is a very good chance that Moonwalk USA has it.

Feel free to browse our entire collection of Moonwalk USA Inflatables below!