An obstacle course bounce house is a great piece of inventory for your inflatable rental business. They generally capture much higher prices in almost every market and can help set your business apart.

In this guide, we will examine the costs for purchasing an obstacle course bounce house and profit potential.

Obstacle Course Pricing

Almost all obstacle course inflatables are commercial grade, which is the exact kind of build that you need if it is getting a lot of usages. Depending on the size and features, obstacle bounce houses can range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,500.

The Bounce House store has several models you can choose from, and we will offer a price-match guarantee.

This 24' obstacle course from Moonwalk USA is an extremely popular model for many rental companies. It costs $2,199, which represents the lower end of the market.

obstacle course bounce house

If you are willing to invest a bit more, you can get a 40-foot model for just under $3,000. It has more features and can accommodate more children at once.

commercial obstacle course

Lastly, if you really want to make a statement you can try out this Demolition Zone obstacle course from Happy Jump. This is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum at $5,190.

bounce house obstacle course guide

Rental Pricing

While there might be some sticker shock at the pricing, you should know that an obstacle course bounce house commands much higher rates.

When we surveyed markets across the United States in this article we found that there was a large discrepancy between the rental prices of basic bounce houses versus specialty models.

While a normal 15' x 15 bounce' typically went for $100 - $150, obstacle courses were fetching at around $325 (and sometimes much higher). Generally speaking, the larger the bounce house the higher the rental price. In order to see the potential in your market, it's best to survey what the going rates are.

Profit Potential

Let's take a look at a few scenarios to give an idea of the profit potential of an obstacle course slide unit versus a traditional bounce house.

We will use conservative numbers since each market can vary.

A typical commercial bounce house will cost $1,499 to purchase. Let's say you can expect to book $100 of revenue for each party; it would take a minimum of 15 jobs to break even.

If you purchased the least-expensive obstacle course, which is $2199, you can likely command around $300 per booking. This reduces the number of jobs you need to secure by almost 50 percent. Additionally, once you have paid the obstacle course off, you will be making a higher profit.

Wrapping It Up

Bounce house obstacle courses are a great way to diversify your rental business. While the up-front investment is a little higher, the profit potential makes it worth it.

You can browse our inventory here. We offer a price-match guarantee as well as free shipping.