Kidwise Arc Arena II Sport Bounce House

$679.00 $749.00 $70.00 Off

Kidwise Arc Arena II Sport Bounce House

$679.00 $749.00 $70.00 Off

Product Description

Arc Arena II Sport Bounce House by KidWise


The KidWise Arc Arena II Sport Bounce House is a sports themed inflatable bouncy arena for kids.

The arched bounce house includes a large bouncing area, open soccer goals on each end, and hoops above each goal for a little game of basketball.

The arch shape really makes the kids feel like they're playing in their own sports arena!

The bounce house spans 20' L x 10' W x 9' H when fully inflated, and can accommodate up to four kids at 100lbs each (or 400lbs total). Recommended for children ages 3-10 years old.

Kidwise Arc Arena II

Kidwise Arc Arena II Product Images

What's Included With The KidWise Arc Arena II Sport Bounce House:

  • KidWise Arc Arena II Sport Bounce House
  • Six 6" neoprene all purpose balls
  • Blower
  • 9" anchor stakes
  • Bounce house carry bag
  • Patch Kit
  • 30 day warranty on the bounce house
  • 1 year warranty on the blower

What We Like About The KidWise Arc Arena II Sport Bounce House

Feels Like a Real Sports Arena Inside

All it's missing is the loud speaker and the lights!

The KidWise Arc Arena II is very spacious inside allowing kids to play a legit game of soccer or basketball. The soccer goals actually extend out from each end of the bounce house. 

The basketball hoops have a net beneath them to collect the balls as they are dunked into the hoops. 


Kidwise Arc Arena II kids playing soccer

Kidwise Arc Arena II side view with kids sitting down

Safe Design & Premium Materials

All KidWise bounce houses are made of ASTM compliant puncture and    fire resistant materials. Constructed of heavy duty Oxford Nylon material, its'  double stitched reinforced seams and reinforced jump area makes for a durable  design made for long term use.

KidWise products produces one of the safest bounce houses on the market using materials that have been tested both for lead and phthalates by a certified third party. 


      KidWise Bounce House Features

      • Heavy laminated and coated vinyl and nylon material
      • Double-stitched reinforced seams and reinforced jump surface
      • ASTM compliant puncture and fire resistant
      • CL certified constant air blower with GFCI circuit breaker

        KidWise Bounce House Details

        • Weight Limit: 4 kids or 400 lbs
        • Inflated Dimensions: 20' L x 10' W x 9' H
        • Overall Product Weight: 89 lbs shipping weight
        • Tools Needed: Hammer to put the stakes in the ground

          KidWise Bounce House Warranty

          • 1 year blower warranty
          • 30 day bounce house limited warranty
          • Not for Commercial Use

          For residential use only! Any commercial use will void the warranty.