bounce house rental prices

Bounce house rental prices can vary based on which market you are in. We wanted to find out if there were major price differences between some of the major municipalities around the United States.

We decided to survey what most inflatable rental companies were charging and give you an overall view of the marketplace. We were a bit surprised by some of our findings, which you will see.

Typical Bounce Houses Rental Prices

The most popular item for any bounce house rental company is the standard bounce house. We chose the baseline 15-foot model as our measuring stick, which is the most popular item in the industry. Each price represents a normal rental window of 4-6 hours and does not include extra costs. Here is what we found:

Orlando $110
Denver $157
Minneapolis $162
Washington D.C $175
Dallas $128
San Diego $100
New York Metro $200


There was almost a 100% difference between the least expensive market (San Diego - $100) and the most expensive (New York - $200). The average bounce house rental price was roughly $150.

Other Inflatable Rental Prices

We also took note of the typical costs for other popular items in each of our seven metro markets. These included inflatable wet/dry slides, combo bouncers, obstacle courses, and concession machines (popcorn and snow cones). Here were our findings:

Water Slides Combo Bouncer Obstacle Course Popcorn/Snow Cone Machine
Orlando $235.00 $185.00 $300.00 $50.00
Denver $293.00 $270.00 $315.00 $55.00
Minneapolis $300.00 $253.00 $323.00 $60.00
Washington D.C. $400.00 $275.00 $370.00 $65.00
Dallas $257.00 $236.00 $337.00 $68.00
San Diego $300.00 $200.00 $280.00 $60.00
New York Metro $375.00 $325.00 $400.00 $100.00
Average Price $308.57 $249.14 $332.14 $65.43


As you can see, each market had its own unique pricing.

What To Do With This Information

Whether you are looking to start a bounce house business or someone researching rental prices in your local area, these prices can serve as a basic guideline. The best way to find out the bounce house rental prices is to check with local businesses. Many publish this information on their websites or will give quotes over the phone.