Commercial Bounce House Guide

Commercial Bounce House Guide

Written by: Bill Graham



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A commercial bounce house has specific characteristics that set it apart from other kinds of inflatables. If you are interested in starting a bounce house business , it is important to understand why it makes sense to purchase this kind of product versus a residential bounce house.

In this article, we will explore some key factors to understand.


They Are Built Differently

When a manufacturer deems a product as commercial, it generally means that it can hold up to far more use. A commercial bounce house is meant to accommodate more individuals for a prolonged period of time compared to residential models.

Additionally, commercial bounce houses are much larger and can hold more riders at a time.

Most commercial bounce houses will last up to five years. As many as hundreds of children (or adults) can use them per week. This is because the materials used are much stronger, which is why they command higher prices.

For example, manufacturers will use superior PVC vinyl, double layering, enhanced stitching, and reinforce high-stress areas to make sure they can handle more wear and tear. They also can include better repair kits, sturdier anchors, and several other features that make sense for a rental business

If you take a look at our selection of commercial bounce houses , you can see they start at around $1500 versus less than $500 for residential models . As they say, you get what you pay for!

Investing in the commercial-grade material will ensure the product lasts longer, and more importantly performs better for your customers. The last thing you want is angry clients because your bounce house stopped working during a party.

The Warranties Are Better

Another important thing to consider is product warranty. Almost every single bounce house manufacturer has separate warranties for their commercial units. Typically they are 2-3 years, which is longer than a residential model.

Additionally, if you had purchased a residential unit, but used it for the purposes of your business it will immediately void the warranty.

This is an extremely important consideration if your bounce house will be getting a lot of use. You will likely spend more money in the long run repairing, or buying replacement bounce houses if you decided not to buy a commercial unit in the first place.

Is It Worth The Risk?

Business owners always look at the bottom line. This is why many inflatable rental operators spend less money on their inventory. However, when you factor in a few of the risks, it starts to look less inviting.

Having unhappy customers and potential replacement costs will harm your ability to operate a successful business. So while you can save up to $1,000 initially, your opportunity cost of not using the proper equipment will probably be even greater.

Long story short - we believe it makes sense to invest in a commercial bounce house if you are serious about running a profitable rental business.