EZ Inflatables Warranty

Written by: Bill Graham



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Warranty Information

Inflatable bouncers manufactured by EZ Inflatables, Inc.: Two (2) year seam to seam warranty from the date of shipment to Buyer. All water products and games have a One (1) year seam to seam warranty from the date of shipment to Buyer. EZ Inflatables, Inc. warrants that the inflatable supplied to you is free from:

A) Defects in the materials and the workmanship that is provided you in your cold-air inflatable.

B) Defects arising from the selection of materials or the process of manufacturing.

C) Defects in the design, in view of the state of the art on this date (artistic license excluded).

D) No Warranty is provided by EZ Inflatables, Inc. on Zippers, Netting, Mesh.

The warranty shall apply to your inflatable plus all accessories, equipment and parts manufactured by EZ Inflatables, Inc.. Wear covers such as entrance covers or mats and slide covers with steps are not warranted beyond the first 90 days after buyer receives the order. These covers are intended to reduce wear on the inflatable and require periodic replacement. A product shall not be considered defective if it is a different color than shown in EZ Inflatables, Inc. catalog and/or website, and no warranty is made relating to color, digital printing or any airbrushing done on any unit. All requests of buyer for all warranty work and replacement are subject to product inspection at EZ Inflatables, Inc. factory in Glendale, California. Ordinary wear and tear will not invalidate EZ Inflatables, Inc. limited warranty, but misuse, improper handling or storage, improper repairs, improper maintenance and care, lack of ground cover under inflatable, or accidental, abusive or negligent treatment of the product will invalidate EZ Inflatables, Inc. warranty. 

Buyer must use stakes and all tie-down tethers at all times to insure the safety of users and the equipment. This warranty is not a guarantee that the product, will not through use, handling and storage, develop tears or punctures from time to time; the repairs of which are the responsibility of Buyer. Buyer pays a shipment cost to EZ Inflatables, Inc. for repair, and EZ Inflatables, Inc. pays the shipment cost to the Buyer after it has been repaired. No statement, remark or representation of any employee or agent of EZ Inflatables, Inc. may vary this Limited Warranty unless in writing and signed by the President of EZ Inflatables, Inc..

Other Equipment (not manufactured by EZ Inflatables, Inc.): No warranty of any kind is extended by EZ Inflatables, Inc. but EZ Inflatables, Inc. will, to the extent it can legally and contractually do so, assign to Buyer, at Buyer's request, all warranties on such other equipment, if any, offered by the manufactures or suppliers of such other equipment. The fan motor supplied with your inflatable is covered by the blower manufacturer's own warranty. Any claims of defect in the blower operation must be directed to the blower manufacturer directly for repair or replacement.

In case of defects in materials, workmanship or defects arising from the selection of material or procedures of manufacture, such defects must become apparent in the inflatable, equipment or part within 24 months of shipping. The extent of seller's liability under this warranty is to defects in material or workmanship. Defects arising from the selection of material or the processes of the manufacture are limited to the repair of such defects or to the replacement (with item free from the defect in question) of any accessory, equipment, or part which is defective in any of such respectswith the exception of color fading. The extent of seller's liability under this warranty as to defects inherent in design is limited to the correction at our expense of all such defects becoming apparent in the inflatable accessory , equipment or part purchased here within one year of use. Seller is not responsible for any lost revenue as a result of a warranty claim by buyer. Seller is not responsible for replacing any inflatable product as a “LOANER” product during a repair of a warranted product. If a “LOANER” product should be available during the repair, buyer will be responsible for all round trip shipping charges and any damages caused to the inflatable supplied. Seller shall make all such repairs, replacements and corrections with care. This warranty shall become void if inflatable is packed wet or repaired by any other repair agency not approved by EZ Inflatables, Inc..

NOTE: WEAR AND TEAR due to normal use or overuse is not covered by this warranty.


All returned shipments must be pre-approved by EZ Inflatables, Inc. and a returned goods authorization number issued; if not, customer will be responsible for the freight charges. Replacement or repair at EZ Inflatables, Inc. option shall be the sole remedy of buyer with respect to any defective or non conforming goods or parts and shall be the exclusive remedy of buyer, regardless of any remedy otherwise available under applicable law. EZ Inflatables, Inc. is not liable for remote, special, speculative, or consequential damage. EZ Inflatables, Inc. is not liable for loss of use or profits under any circumstances.