Superior Inflatables Build Quality

Vinyl Material

All Superior Inflatables products are made with “RIP PROOF” 18.5 oz vinyl. Although most inflatable manufacturers have moved to lighter 15oz vinyls for their inflatable bounce houses, slides and moonwalks we’re old fashion and cling to the durability true 18.5 oz vinyl, where the base fabric of the vinyl is the key to tear resistance. Rip proof tear resistance is very important when considering all the stress an inflatable will endure through daily usage. Compare our (1500 x 1500 denier) high strength base fabric to the competition's (1000 x 1000 denier) base fabric. As you can see we dominate with 1500 x 1500 denier vs the competition's lessor thread count vinyl. This translates to a stronger and “RIP PROOF” final product.

Baffle Material

At Superior Inflatables we only use baffle material that is minimum 1300 x1300 denier 10oz vinyl under most circumstances. Occasional 15oz – 18oz vinyl baffles when appropriate. This provides the maximum strength for internal construction of every inflatable we manufacturer here at Superior Inflatables. Some of our competitors use 5oz – 7oz mesh or 800 x 800 denier mesh baffle. Even worse miscellaneous random vinyl and mesh scraps. Considering baffle’s are the skeleton of your inflatable helping it hold shape, the stronger the baffle the tougher the seams will be ensuring a long and lasting american made inflatable.

All of Superior Inflatables are double and quadruple stitched. Up to 8 rows of stitching for extremely high impact areas.  Double and quadruple stitching is common in this industry, but how tough is the thread used for those seams? Our seams are constructed with extra heavy weight, twisted, multi-filament, nylon thread. This can withstand a force of 35 lbs per inch before tearing, and 4 x 35 = 140 Lbs per inch. The tread we use for the manufacturing of every inflatable is heavily lubed. This lubrication prevents water from easily penetrating the tread.


All inflatables have high stress point areas. These points may be entry areas, floor and uprights joints, or wherever structure panels meet. A superior quality inflatable will have strong reinforcements in these high stress point areas that ensures the unit stays together and lasts longer. Superior Inflatables years of experience has given us the knowledge to make all of our units tougher and more durable than our competitors largely because we don’t cut corners. On average we spend $35-$70 per commercial inflatable bounce house by reinforcing high impact seams with 1″ – 2″ seat belt style webbing strips sewn into the seam. Many of our competitors a decade ago also did it this way, it was standard manufacturing technique. Over the years many of our competitors have opted out of webbing strip reinforcement in order to provide the public with the cheapest priced inflatable they can. Now days some competitors do not use any reinforced stripping for their seams. Others your lucky if they use scrap pieces of vinyl strips. Superior Inflatables spares no expense to ensure you have the best built inflatables suitable for up to 5 year warranty.


Anchor points are keys to keeping the unit stable in up to a 20 mph winds. A tether, or an anchoring system, is only as strong as its weakest link. Our anchors are constructed of heavy duty vinyl. Two inch heavy duty D Rings are used in the anchor points. Some of our competitors use polyethylene webbing for anchor points. This polyethylene webbing could age and weather in a short period of time.


To keep the unit inflated it is critical that the inflation hose where the blower is connected have a perfect joint, so it won’t come detached from the blower, when it is  accidentally pulled  around, when unit is in use. All of Superior Inflatables units have a second blower tube, As inflatables get older they tend to lose more air between the seams, compared to when they are new. Down the road you will find the need for this second inflation tube.

Preventing sudden unexpected deflation is very important when it comes to inflatable safety. In the case of a blower failure, the unit should remain inflated long enough time to allow participants to exit safely from the inflatable. All of Superior Inflatables units have air flaps that prevent air from blowing out of the unit in the event of blower failure.

For normal deflation, a good quality inflatable should have deflation zippers that have a Velcro sealed flap covers.

Indoor Inflatables Removable Covers

Removable covers is best way to extend the life of your inflatables. After many years of use, high-volume traffic areas, like steps and sliding and climbing areas of an inflatable, are the first places that require replacement. All of Superior Inflatables outdoor made units are made with removable and replaceable covers where it counts. All indoor use inflatables for family entertainment center and  play centers receive additional reinforcement with removable covers . If you purchase an inflatable from a Chinese manufacturer, when it comes to replacing the covers, you could be in for a big surprise.  Many Chinese manufactures do not sell replacement covers.

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